This is an open CALL to prospective International Reps to begin a new ENTERPRISE.........NOT ONLY A JOB   BUT.....A   CAREER!!!









We are looking for entrepreneurial minded people, from every kind of background, who are at least 16 years of age. We require that you communicate well in English and in your own native language, so that you are able to promote YOUR PRODUCTS AND/OR SERVICES to both large & small corporations and businesses etc.  Producers of multiple types of products, ideas, and services will represent their businesses by marketing and selling merchandise.


One requirement:  you must own a LAPTOP or SMARTPHONE in order to make your presentations.  Remember, we are business to business enterprises....AND WE ARE A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION.  We provide Marketing and Promotional assistance to increase your sales with our SELLING techniques, which are exclusively geared for the tourist industry: HOTELS, AIRLINES, Passenger & Cargo, Travel Agents, Tour-Operators, & Cruises Lines.


Part of our program utilizes Banks, Money transfers from all over the World; Currency exchange, Automobile Dealer & Parts. Repair Garages, NEW HOUSES, pre-existing House or Apartments, Medical & Dental Clinics, Specialists; ENGINEERING: Civil, Green Power, Motor Power, Solar, Petroleum & Derived Hydro-Electric, Wind-Power; ARTS: painters, sculptors, graphic designers; SPORTS Teams: players/coaches in all disciplines; Cooperatives of any industry to receive credit, produce and sell, YOUR product, promote tourism to your town, or promote Tourism to your NATION.


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