$100 US     10% $10 USD $110 USD
$1,000 US      10% $100 USD $1,100 USD
$1,050 US     9% $95 USD $1,145 USD
$1,100 US     8% $88 USD $1,188 USD
$10,000 US     8% $800 USD $10,800 USD
$100,000 US      8% $8,000 USD $108,000 USD
$1,000,000 US     8% $80.000 USD $180,000 USD
$10,000,000 US     8% $800,000 USD $1,800,000 USD
  • 100 % of Int’l Reps' breakdown of % monies.
  • 20% toward Jennifer Ramos Fund.....30% for Int’l Reps' California Headquarters staff & expenses - TOTAL 50%.
  • Int’l Reps in the USA and all over the World...50% will be for use in acquiring businesses to represent, non-profit humanitarian, or any philanthropic organizations, as well as any other service entities that qualify.
  • To become a distributor, you need to form a business or have one. If you do, Int’l Reps asks you to be represented by one of our associates who are located all over the WORLD; have at least 10 salesmen to be appointed by you, under your firm's 20% - 30%, distributed to them; or for non-profit fund; in that way you will choose to make 20% - 30% and use it to increase employment in your community or nation.
  • In compliance with the U.S.A. Tax Revenue Service for Non-Profit Organizations, and for your own tax declarations, all Int’l Reps will have to report any monies invoiced, less your earned commission, to Int'l Reps headquarters. 





  1. Potential Reps need to have a computer, printer; Smartphone and fax line under their name.
  2. First and Last Name, physical address of your Home and Office: Street name, number, City, Province, Department, State, District, Zip or Postal Code, and Country.
  3. First impressions are very important; business appropriate attire, motivating and energetic presentation skills are a must. The ability to communicate on every and any level is a necessity in promoting to potential clients.
  4. Age is not problem.  We need people who are at least 16 years of age, with the best skills and techniques available to promote and sell our PRODUCTS on a local to global scale.
  5. Mail or Fax a copy of your passport or identification/driver's license to our headquarters in Artesia, California, U.S.A. 
  6. Business can be run in your own home.
  7. Send $10.00 (fifty) U.S. DOLLARS via PayPal payable to Internat Reps Systems; after your first transaction, you will become an official Internat Rep and also receive a $10 credit back to account.
  8. If your country's regulations apply, you could deduct this $10.00 U.S. Dollars from your local City-State-National taxing agencies as a Non-Revenue/Charitable deduction.  YOU will need to verify if applicable in your region.



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