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International Representatives Systems is a 21st Century Publicity, Representation of Professionals, Products, Ideas, Marketing, Sales and Services for the Internet, Cellular Phones and other forms of new Media.


International Reps Systems is a NON-PROFIT Organization and a NEW CHANGE in IDEAS for Madison Ave., N.Y. Publicity Agencies. We know that all Big, Medium, and Small Businesses or Corporations assign an annual amount of money to be spent on publicity or promotions. These are our customers. We will offer a numbered invoice of 10% - 9% - 8% - on sales beginning at $100.00 US (one hundred U.S. Dollars) to $10,000,000 US (ten million U.S. Dollars). These invoices could be given away to the client in a form of publicity or to be included as part, or all in the price the client/your customers pay.


Each invoice will be numbered and will specify the product of the sale, for example: airline tickets, tours, hotels, resorts, motels, travel agencies, receptive tourism agencies, cruises, land arrangements agencies, cargo airlines, railways, buses, real State Agencies, Construction Companies, Houses, Homes, Automobile Dealers, Insurance Agents, Life, Auto, Home, Banks, Money Transfer Agents. Any class of businessretailers. Examples: selling Televisions, Computers, cellular phones etc. Professional MD’s, Dentists, Art Painters, Sculptors, Artisans, Native Arts & Crafts, Musical Instrument Makers, Engineers, Builders, Solar, Genetic, Civic, with new ideas or products; Sportsman/Woman, Bullfighters - Men/Woman, Musicians, video, web development, Bands, Singers Men/Woman, CD’s, Recording Production. TV Programs & Production etc.


The client who obtains a winning numbered invoice will use the California Lotto-Mega-Millions-winning numbers, selected Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays, to see if they have won the winning prizes. The winning numbers will run for a complete year from the date of your first sale; you will then have the opportunity to participate a total of 208 times throughout the year. Twenty percent, which is the breakdown of our percentage, will be contributed to the fund for children and persons with learning disabilities in inner-city schools of L.A., L.A. County, where our Headquarters are located; then California, U.S.A., All Nations of North, Central, South, America, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Australia, New Zealand, and other Nations ALL OVER THE WORLD.


We need to help Pre-Natal, Natal to 4 years research for learning disabilities. These children if they do not know how to read, write, comprehend, plus elementary Math, they will be discriminated first by the Educational Government, School Districts, Teachers, second by the fellow students specialty in elementary, Jr. High 12 to 15 years old, during these critical years; High School… and then may quit school and will not be able to find a job or care for themselves. Even though they look, speak and behave like any human being. Out of this frustration, and to feel good inside, they start drinking; first beer then hard liquor, meet their so called “friends”, who introduce them to drugs and they become the new tenants of prisons and graveyards, because that is the only thing they learn in the streets. This happens all over the WORLD.


From our 100%, 20% will be dedicated to help research Pre-Natal, Natal, and stop Learning Disabilities, alcoholism and drug addiction; 30% will pay staff and expenses of the L.A. Headquarters of International Reps.....50% will be for our Internatrep.com Representatives and vendors (to have vendors is your business). We suggest 30% for IntReps, 20% for vendors. Representatives will put the price they wish on any product or services. Also you will need an office address, E-Mail address, phone # & a computer. You must be able to speak, read and write...a well groomed personality is essential. As you know, the English Language is the Commerce Language all over the world.


Jennifer Ramos Fund 1974-2006


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